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4 ways to build a strong personal injury case after a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

When someone causes a car crash, they typically incur legal and financial responsibility for the consequences of the collision. When a crash is relatively minor, it may be possible for the driver at fault for the wreck to cover other people’s losses using their automotive liability insurance.

Unfortunately, crashes that leave vehicles unsafe to drive and put people in the hospital can generate expenses that are far beyond available insurance coverage. People may, therefore, need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault (or another responsible party) for the wreck. These are a few ways in which crash victims successfully prepare to file a civil action.

Collect records of expenses

A sizable portion of someone’s personal injury claim will come from their provable financial losses. Medical bills and treatment plans outlining extensive future care needs will be among the important documentation that can corroborate someone’s claim that they will need financial compensation beyond the insurance payout.

Create a record of the crash itself

Drivers can use their mobile phones to photograph the scene of a crash, which can help with a collision reconstruction later. If someone cannot take pictures because they do not have their phone or it suffered damage, writing out the details of what happened before, during and after the wreck as soon as possible can help someone preserve an authoritative record of the events that transpired.

Collect information about the other party

One of the first steps that people have to take after a crash will involve exchanging information with the other driver. Knowing their full name and address after reviewing their driver’s license can be helpful. Vehicle registration and insurance details will also be crucial for filing a claim and locating someone to serve them if a personal injury lawsuit is necessary.

Talk with a personal injury lawyer

Even in a scenario where insurance might be enough to cover someone’s expenses, it can still be a challenge to negotiate a sizable claim. If the case will end up in civil court, the average person would not have the knowledge or abilities to secure the best outcome on their own behalf. Those that consult with the lawyer may have a better idea of their options and will have crucial advocacy throughout the personal injury claims process.

Knowing one’s rights and asserting them can potentially reduce the lasting consequences someone must absorb after a car crash.