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Lawsuits Involving Dangerous Drugs And Medical Devices

The very idea of a defective medical device seems nonsensical. After all, the artificial hip you received is the height of medical technology. How could it possibly be defective? But the damage that defective medical devices can cause is tremendous. Prescription drugs can also have excruciating side effects or cause unintended medical conditions, unbeknownst to the patient.

The Law Firm of Richard M. Lewis represents plaintiffs in lawsuits involving dangerous drugs and medical devices. If you have been injured by either a device or a medication that you were prescribed, our firm can investigate your case and determine the best course of action.

Injured By Actos? Our Firm Can Assist With Your Claim.

Currently, a drug that has injured many people is the drug Actos. Prescribed for people who suffer from diabetes, it has been shown that Actos can also be the cause of bladder cancer. If you have bladder cancer and you have also taken Actos, there may be a connection.

When you contact our firm, we will talk with you about your medical history. We will ask about your smoking history and your history with Actos. With respect to all of this medical information, we will also compile a master list with you of every medical professional who has treated you for the medical issues bothering you. We will also have you authorize your attorney to have access to your medical records themselves to review them for facts we can use in making your case to the court. Usually, a defective drug case takes approximately a year to a year and a half to get to trial, and our firm is in it with you the entire way.

If you are concerned another medication may have hurt you instead of aiding your healing, call our office to review the evidence and consider your litigation options.

Medical Device Defects Are Not Uncommon

Dangerous medical devices are not, in fact, uncommon. Just like defective drugs, dangerous medical devices are sold to trusting people who are then injured by those irresponsibly sold products. All of us here at The Law Firm of Richard M. Lewis work together with you to present your case to a jury. We help you gather the necessary information by reviewing medical records and speaking with any necessary experts.

With this information in hand, we craft a legal argument for you that can be used to tell your story to the court. Through this story, we explain to the court why you should be awarded a certain amount of proceeds or benefits. While they can never compensate you for any loss you have experienced in quality of life, these proceeds and benefits can still be used to defray the costs you now face as a result of your injury.

Your Future Is Too Important To Wait To File A Claim

To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced medical product liability lawyer about your case, call us at 740-688-2164. You can also contact at our office in Jackson using our online intake form.