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What Damages Should You Expect To Receive After A Loved One Has Been Killed In A Truck Accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Any crash can cause massive injuries, but commercial vehicle wrecks have a strong correlation with catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If you recently lost a loved one because of a crash with a commercial truck, your family will never be the same.

Despite your grief, you still recognize that you need financial justice because of the long-term impact the crash will have on your family. What kind of compensation should you expect to receive when a commercial trucking crash claims the life of someone you love?

Ohio law recognizes multiple kinds of financial losses

When a trucking crash causes a fatality, the surviving family members can file an insurance claim. They could also have the executor of the estate file a wrongful death claim against the truck driver or their employer. Such claims usually seek compensation for the income and benefits the deceased person provided.

Family members can also request compensation for the loss of services, like the tasks their loved one performed around the house. They can also seek the loss of companionship and the mental anguish that the family members experienced over their loss.

How do you put a value on someone’s support?

Making a claim for someone’s unpaid services around the house or their care, protection, advice and companionship may seem difficult. Still, you can likely find a fair market value for professional services like the unpaid housework your loved one performed. An attorney familiar with wrongful death claims can help you determine what would be reasonable to seek for the loss of companionship you experienced.

Insurance and transportation companies will want to limit their losses

Whether you intend to go to court or try to file a claim against a commercial vehicle’s insurance policy, you can expect the other side to try to minimize what they pay you.

You need to have a good understanding of your rights and the true financial value of your claim to handle what can be an intense negotiation process. In some cases, you may have no option but to go to court because the other side will not offer a reasonable settlement.

Knowing your rights after losing a loved one in a commercial truck crash can help you seek both financial support and closure.