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Cancer misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis can lower the patient’s chances of recovery. NIH researchers note that early identification of any type of cancer is associated with improved chances of recovery. Treating Stage 1 cancers often have far better prognoses than Stage 4 cancers. A patient’s opportunity to enjoy a longer life almost always depends on how quickly the cancer is diagnosed and how soon the treatment was initiated. A delay of days or weeks in diagnosing cancer can mean death for the cancer patient.

The Law Office of Richard M. Lewis in Jackson, Ohio understands cancer misdiagnosis and delay. The experienced Ohio medical malpractice team is dedicated to helping patients who’ve suffered from a doctor’s misdiagnosis and delay or lost a loved one due to a diagnostic error or late diagnosis. We can help if you received a diagnosis for a wrong condition, if you were inadvertently harmed because the doctor ordered the wrong chemotherapy or radiation treatments, or if you were hurt by another form of medical malpractice.

Misdiagnosis of cancer can lead to permanent injuries and death. For instance, if you tell the doctor about persistent headaches and he or she doesn’t order tests related to the standard of care, you might be told there’s nothing wrong. You receive some pain pills, but they don’t help. A month later, the pain level increases. You seek a second opinion and the doctor says, “You have cancer.”

The agonizing moment after you hear the word cancer is more painful because the first doctor lost a month of treatment time. The second doctor explains that the brain tumor is particularly aggressive and the prognosis is guarded. Unfortunately, a loved one can pass away because a trusted doctor fails to diagnose cancer or a delayed diagnosis prevents the patient from receiving life-saving treatments in time. Early detection of cancer is perhaps the most important factor for successful treatment. Your medical professional should recognize early symptoms and signs of cancer. If your doctor failed to diagnose cancer, your chances of recovery from the disease may decrease, especially if your cancer is an aggressive or fast-growing type.

Many medical malpractice claims are complex. It’s important to discuss your potential case with an experienced medical malpractice legal team. You need knowledgeable and experienced medical malpractice lawyers to determine how to proceed with a cancer misdiagnosis and delay lawsuit. If your claim is valid, The Law Office of Richard M. Lewis offers fierce litigation and negotiation skills to our clients. Contact us today for an initial case evaluation.